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We believe artificial intelligence (AI) will make a clear impact on our lives. Just as the advent of the Internet lowered the barriers of global transportation and communication, just as smartphones have tremendously changed human lifestyles, advances in AI technology will be another great shift for humanity. However, the development of AI technology has just begun. AI technology still requires significant progress, and there are many obstacles to tackle in order for AI to make a difference. 

The founding members at Upstage are business-savvy technicians, who not only have experience in developing AI technology but also applied technologies to real-world services at global companies. From our experience, we know what "obstacles" we need to overcome to apply AI technology to businesses. We aim to share our experience and technology for the rapid application of AI technology, and make it more beneficial to our lives.

  • Full remote: We believe remote-working is the futuristic way of working. We encourage you to work from anyplace you want.
  • Headquarters timezone: UTC+9 (Korean standard time)
  • Tech-stackhttps://stackshare.io/upstagea...

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