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Marketing Internship

  • Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea, Republic of


Job Overview

The Marketing Team Intern at an AI startup supports the key projects of the marketing team, performing tasks such as lead pipeline management, lead magnet development, webinar process support, and nurturing campaigns. We are looking for a capable intern who can assist with a variety of marketing activities within the team to contribute to achieving the set goals.

Key Responsibilities

1. Lead Pipeline Management

  • Manage the lead pipeline systematically according to the customer journey.

  • Track the progression of leads at different stages and gather and analyze data to extract strategic insights.

  • Utilize the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system to enter and update lead data.

  • Monitor the status of leads and work with relevant teams to take follow-up actions in a timely manner.

  • Propose and implement new processes and tools to optimize the lead pipeline.

2. Lead Magnet Development

  • Plan and create various lead magnets (e.g., eBooks, white papers, infographics) to attract potential customers.

  • Measure the performance of lead magnets and identify effective content to optimize campaigns.

3. Webinar Process Support

  • Support the entire process of webinars, including planning, promotion, execution, and follow-up.

  • Collect and organize webinar participant data and integrate it into the lead pipeline.

4. Nurturing Campaign Execution

  • Plan and execute nurturing campaigns via email and other channels.

  • Measure campaign performance and track lead progress to evaluate the campaign's effectiveness.

Position types

  • Internship (3 months)
  • Remote work is recommended

Recruitment process: 

  • Resume screening
  • Online role-matching interview
  • Online culture interview
  • Internship Practice

*The process may be adjusted depending on the situation.


Required qualifications:

  • Proficiency in English communication.

  • Ability to utilize analysis tools (e.g., Excel, Google Analytics).

  • Strong team collaboration and communication skills.

  • Proactive and detail-oriented mindset.

  • Responsible and self-motivated work ethic.

Preferred qualifications:

  • Basic development knowledge for marketing automation.

  • Interest and experience in data analysis and insight extraction.

  • Understanding and knowledge of AI and machine learning.

*Please contact for any inquiries.
*Please upload all submitted materials, including CV, in PDF format.
*Please note that sensitive personal information, such as salary history and social security numbers, should not be included in your resume.